April 2016 Minutes

BCF Board Meeting


April 7, 2016, 2016

President Don Ware called the meeting to order at 2:00 pm.

Members present: Don, Lori, Chenoweth, Mark, Wendy, Scott, Kathy Jan

Members absent: Jennifer

Minutes: Minutes of the March meeting were approved

Treasurer’s Report: No Report, Treasure not present

Grants: A motion was made and passed to extend the timeline for two 2015 grants. Sharing Hands and the City of Halsey grants will be extended for 6 months until the End of October 2016.

The Board reviewed all of the grants submitted for 2016. Two grants were pulled from the group before the discussion began.   Sodaville Park is not sure if they will be going forward and the City of Brownsville will print the CFA brochures for them.

Seven grants were reviewed and the scores for each one were discussed. The following grants were approved:

Organization Project Lead Amount Requested Amount Granted
Chamber of Commerce Stand By Me Day Linda McCormick $2000 $500
Garden Club Watering/Irrigation Linda Scronce-Johnson $1,100 $1,100
CFA Garden Shed Ally Maser $1,381.83 $1,000
Gleaners Fuel/utilities Christine Queener $2,000 $1,000
CFA Snap Match Diane Remour $300 $300
Watershed Council Prairie Restoration


Bessie Joyce $900 $900
CLHS Aspire awards $ $1,250 $0
Total: $4,800.00


Don will contact the grantees and let them know if they received a grant and if so, how much.


Meeting was adjourned at approximately 3:15.   May meeting will focus on planning for the BCF future.


Lori Garcy, Recording Secretary BCF