April 2018 – Minutes


April 5, 2018

Present were: Don, Keren, Kathy, Jan, Rella, Kim and Chenoweth.

Meeting was called to order by Don at 2:00.

The minutes of the January and March meetings were approved as presented.

Jan reported that we have $13,045.23 in the treasury. Her report was accepted as presented.

Keren reported that there had been two articles in the newspaper regarding the logo design contest. Jan said that she had talked to Central Linn regarding the contest. Wendy was supposed to talk to the Art Center, and Rella will talk with Hilary Norton in Halsey regarding the contest. Follow up will be needed.

Fundraising was discussed. Don has talked with Eric Lawrence of Bear Mountain regarding a possible donation from them. He has also approached Cascade Timber Consultants. They showed some interest, and he will be getting back to them.

2018 grants were discussed. The following grants were approved:

  1. Gleaners – $1,000 for their fuel and utilities.
  2. Calapooia Food Alliance – $500 for the Deck for the Community Garden Gazebo.
  3. Linn County Museum – $500 for the Native American Exhibit update.
  4. Sharing Hands – $1,000 for the Food Bank.
  5. City of Halsey – $500 for the Art in City Hall project.
  6. Sharing Hands – $952 for the Learning Tree/Parents and Pals project.
  7. Willamette Valley Quilts of Valor – $400 for their Quilts of Valor project.
  8. Central Linn Recreation Association – $983 for their Basketball equipment project.
  9. Meals on Wheels – $1,000 for Meals on Wheels.

Don will send out letters and contracts to the recipients. Keren thought that she should discuss the criteria used for determining the amounts awarded. This will be done at a future meeting.

The May gala was discussed. We each need to bring a list of invitees to the next meeting. Don will talk to Jeana Graham regarding music. Keren will talk to Michelle Harper if Jeana is not available. Keren asked about publicity for the event. Rella will ask Jordan Parrish if she can write an article for The Times.

Meeting adjourned at 3:30.

Respectfully submitted,

Chenoweth Robertson, secretary.