April 2019 – Minutes


April 4, 2019

Present were: Don, Kathy, Rella, Norma, Wendy, Sharon, and Vance Parrish and Lori Garcy.

The meeting was called to order by Chair Rella at 3:00. Followed by the Pledge of Allegiance and roll call.

The minutes of the March 7th meeting were approved as presented.

Don gave the Treasurer’s report. He transferred $8,000 to the Benton Community Foundation. Lori suggested that we have a line item for Benton Community Foundation. Don said that individual donors were: Don – $200, Sharon – $250, Chenoweth – $115, Rella – $35, and Kathleen Swayze – $10. The report was accepted.

Old Business:
The calendar was discussed. Lori said that the calendar should be approved in December and posted on the website in January. It is also important that we should approve the budget. Norma will do an agenda for next week’s meeting. We need to make sure the gala is on the website. Grantees must get photos to Lance by May so that the brochure can be handed out at the gala.

Secretary should hand out the new member packets in June.

Don will do the paperwork related to grants.

A line item should be added to the budget showing gala expenses.

We need to get information regarding the gala to Linda McCormick for posting on Facebook.

Vance reported that he and Lance are partnering on marketing. They will put ideas for brochure together and send them to the Board for comments and approval.

We need to find out if we have met the Benton Community Foundation requirements regarding donations to them. Don will check on this.
Kathy moved to change the time of our meeting from 2 to 3. Wendy seconded. Motion carried.

Sharon moved that we accept the calendar as amended. Norma seconded. Motion carried.

Don moved that we approval the 2019 budget as presented. Wendy seconded the motion. Motion carried.

New Business:
Lori conducted the Board workshop. She brought up the following items.

  1. How many had checked the website? Changes have been made. The 2018 grants need to be listed. Pictures are needed.
  2. Agenda format. Did we do what’s on the calendar? Calendar can be used as a projection for the future so people know what’s expected.
  3. Norms on page 5. Norms create a safe place for discussion. Page 6 are norms that CLCF has accepted in the past and reviewed. They were reviewed and accepted.
  4. Goal setting process. We each wrote out 3 goals which were then told to the rest of the Board. Lori will put these together.

Wendy brought up invitations for the gala. Lance and Vance will design and get to Wendy. If they can’t come up with a design, we will use the same one as last year.

Board needs to bring list of invitees to the next meeting.

2019 grants were briefly discussed. Don brought up giving $10,000 instead of $8,500. The discussion concluded that we would stay with the $8,500 that was previously approved.

Vance brought up the contact information that is on the website. It includes personal information. This information will be deleted from the site. We should have a contact form in place on the web.

Meeting adjourned at 5.

Respectfully submitted,
Chenoweth Robertson, secretary