August, 2019 – Minutes

AUGUST 1, 2019


Committee Members Present Absent Committee Members Present Absent
Rella Johnson x Jan Schilling x
Norma Hoover x Don Ware x
Sharon McCoy x Lance Wilson x
Wendy Parker x Chenoweth Robertson x
Kathy Rogers x

The meeting was called to order by President Rella at 3:00.

In addition to the board member present, also present was Lori Garcy.

The minutes of the June 6th meeting were read. It was noted that in the mission statement the word should be charitable and not chatitable. The minutes were approved as corrected.

Don gave the treasurer’s report. We received $1,000 from Sweet Home Sanitation, which is a pass through for a scholarship to a Central Linn student. The report was approved as presented.

Old Business:

Rella reported that she had tried to get our banner in the Pioneer Picnic parade, however, she did not get a response from the people at Central Linn. Norma took the banner to the parade registration and she gave out information to people who were there. It was suggested that we put the banner on one of the fire trucks next year.

Lance brought up that he would like some compensation for his expenses on printing brochures. Lori suggested that we check out No Dinx in Albany for printing, since they are inexpensive. Don moved and Sharon seconded that we pay Lance $310. Motion passed.

Rack cards were discussed. Lance needs to eliminate the date and list recipients as past recipients.

Don reported that he had visited with Bear Mountain and North West Clearwood Forest Products regarding donations. Bear Mountain might make a donation. He will also visit with Georgia Pacific, Cascade Pacific, and Cascade McFarland regarding donations. He will also contact past donors who have not yet given this year.

The position of historian was discussed. The purpose would be to collect articles, thank yous received, events information, photos and invitations. The historian will organize these items and present them back to the Board. Lance volunteered for this position.

Lori then took over the meeting. The handbook was discussed and Chenoweth moved to approve the changes to board member criteria, responsibilities, the calendar, and the Board member application. Norma seconded the motion. Motion approved.

Goals were discussed.

  • Better recognition from the community on what CLCF does.
  • Find more donors and retain current donors.
  • Improve marketing materials and plan.
  • Find board members that can help with businesses.
  • Work together as a board/board member training.
  • Develop and implement fundraising plan.
  • Clarify roles.
  • Give out grants.

Lori will not be at the September meeting, but would like us to write out things that need to be done.

Meeting adjourned at 4:20.

Respectfully submitted, Chenoweth Robertson, Secretary