August 2016 – Minutes

BCF Board Meeting Minutes

August 4, 2016, 2016

President Don Ware called the meeting to order at 2:00 pm.

Members present: Don, Lori, Chenoweth, Mark, Kathy, Jan, and Wendy

Members absent: None

Resignations: Scott and Jennifer submitted letters of resignation. The board unanimously approved the resignations. Letters will be sent to them thanking them for their service to the Foundation.

Minutes: Minutes of the July meeting were approved.

Treasurer’s Report: Don presented the current budget. He will act as Treasurer until a new one is elected. Jennifer provided him with all the existing paperwork and a binder with historical data including the forms that have to be filed each year. The Board voted to add Chenoweth as a signer on checks along with Don. It was also agreed that only one signature was required on a check.

Old Business:

  • Name change – A discussion was held regarding changing the name of the foundation to Central Linn Community Foundation (CLCF). A vote was taken and it was unanimously approved to make the change. The formal name will still be Brownsville Community Foundation but will be Central Linn Community Foundation, DBA. In the next few months, the Board will need to make this change on all documents and publicity.
  • Calendar – The draft calendar was reviewed, changes were made and the calendar was unanimously approved. The calendar will be sent to Steve to put on the WEB site.
  • Definition of a Community Foundation – Definition of a Community Foundation was reviewed for the second time. The Board unanimously approved the statement. It will be sent to Steve to put on the WEB site.
  • By-Laws – Kathy and Chenoweth presented their recommended changes to the by-laws. The by-laws were reviewed and a few changes were made. By a unanimously vote, the changes were approved along with the total document. The by-laws will be sent to Steve to be put on the WEB.
  • Possible policies – The seven policy areas discussed last time were discussed and Board members collectively selected the top four that the Board would work on first. Board members paired up and selected areas they would work on and will be prepared to present their first attempt at the next meeting.


Policy Area Board Members
Grant Selection Criteria/Types of Grants Lori
New Member Selection Criteria Kathy and Chenoweth
Fund Management /Monthly Reports Mark and Don
How People Can Give/Types of acceptable Donations Wendy and Jan
  • Board member duties and responsibilities were not discussed. Will be brought back to next meeting.

New Business:

  • There was no new business.

Meeting was adjourned at approximately 3:00.   September meeting will continue to focus on planning for CLCF future.

Lori Garcy, Recording Secretary CLCF