August 2017 – Minutes


August 5, 2017

Present were: Don Ware, Mike Smith, Lori Garcy, Kathy Rogers, Wendy Parker, and Chenoweth Robertson.

The June minutes were read. It was noted that the fourth sentence in the 4th paragraph should be changed to read …the event had a classy feel to it. Don moved and Kathy seconded that the minutes be approved as corrected.

Don gave the treasurer’s report. He will get PayPal on the financials next month. He has also requested $1500.00 from Georgia Pacific. The request has been accepted.

Old business:

  • Lori said that she needs pictures from four grantees to put on the new brochure.
  • The selection process for replacing members was discussed. People filling positions for people who have resigned must be reelected in December or January for a full term.
  • Section 5, B (election process) – Lori will draft a policy and bring it back for review.
  • Board members and election of officers can be at the same meeting.
  • The duty of doing brochures will be moved to the President’s responsibilities. The President will send out minutes and notices. There will be no change to the by-laws.

New ways to get donors were discussed. Social media was discussed. We need to get somebody to run it for us. We can possibly put an ad in the Central Linn Classifieds for a student to be our Facebook administrator. We will need a list of emails from grantees for Facebook contacts

Don will bring a copy of the donor letter to our September meeting for our review.

Kathy reported that we need to change our name on Amazon Smile. We need to get the routing number to them, and we need a new administrator. Kathy is working on this.

Lori reported that she will have information available at the upcoming City sponsored Emergency Preparedness event.

Mike will need a leave of absence because he is becoming more involved with the Elks and cannot guarantee attendance. It was decided he would stay a member of the board and come when he can. We will keep him in the loop.

Don passed out a copy of the history of CLCF.

Immediately after the meeting Don, Lori, and Chenoweth went to City Hall to get the name change for Key Bank notarized.

Meeting adjourned at 3:00.

Respectfully submitted,
Chenoweth Robertson