July 2016 – BCF Board studies the future

Article Provided Courtesy of The Times, Brownsville OR

In the first 5 years of offering fiscal grants to local community organizations, the Brownsville Community Foundation over-achieved its goals each year since 2012. The Board is now in the process of reviewing its By-Laws, Procedures, and other governing documents to prepare for the future of the organization over the next 5 years. Mission and visions statements are being considered and a calendar is being prepared. It is expected that next spring BCF will hold a special community event to honor the grant recipients of 2016, to announce the grant recipients for 2017, and to thank the donors who have made all this possible.

Board Secretary Lori Garcy is leading the planning effort, while Board members Chenoweth Robertson and Kathy Rogers are working on the By-laws to update them. Other members are researching materials to learn from the experiences of other community foundations and to development possible future goals and programs.

The Board met on Thursday, July 7 to approve of these activities and to share goals and information. The members of the Board are Lori Garcy, Scott McDowell, Jennifer Meltzer, Wendy Parker, Chenoweth Robertson, Kathy Rogers, Mark Running, Jan Schilling and Don Ware. Donations are always welcome and can be made through the website at brownsvilleoregoncommunityfoundation.org or by mail to BCF, PO Box 4, Brownsville, OR, 97327.