January 2016 – BCF To Offer $9000 In Grants

Article Provided Courtesy of The Times, Brownsville OR

The Board of the Brownsville Community Foundation increased the amount of grant dollars offered to Central Linn organizations for 2016. The total grants awarded in 2015 was $5,800, while the amount offered this year is increased to $9000. Grant applications will be accepted from February 1, 2016 to March 31, 2016. The Board will then make decisions in early April concerning which grant applications will be awarded. Further announcements on how to make a grant application will be made in The Times over the next few weeks.

During the meeting of January 7, the Board voted to change the Domain name of BCF to brownsvilleoregoncommunityfoundation.org with the expectation it will result in a more direct accessibility of the website to the public. Under the old Domain name, many viewers would get Brownsville from other states, especially Brownsville, Texas or the Benton Community Foundation. The change has been made and should now be used.

Bob Anderson resigned from the BCF Board. The current members are Mark Running, Lori Garcy, Jan Schilling, Jennifer Meltzer, Chenoweth Robertson, Kathy Rogers, Don Ware, and Scott McDowell. President Ware will be contacting several citizens of Halsey as potential new members to the Board.

The next two Board meetings will be training sessions by the Nonprofit Association of Oregon, who will be conducting sessions on organizational goals and fund raising.

Brownsville Community Foundation raised nearly $14,000 of which $9,000 or over 64{804db834c654aaffce78ceea9b7337e4c1d02c61f5c5dac8a46e3722755a2581} is being offered in grants. The remaining funding will be placed in the Endowment account to assure continuation and future growth of the organization.

The goal of the non-profit BCF is to “support and promote education and charitable activities that improve the health, quality of life and vitality of the Brownsville and Central Linn area.” Applicants should consult the goal of BCF while completing grant applications. The mailing address is BCF, PO Box 4, Brownsville, OR, 97327.