Don Ware

Don Ware is the President of the Brownsville Community Foundation. He is also the current Mayor of Brownsville. He is a member of the Central Linn Lions Club and Halsey Methodist Church. He volunteers in the Thrift Shop at Sharing Hands and as tour guide at the Moyer House for the Linn County Museum. He is a member of Friends of the Brownsville Library. He and his wife, Wannell, have lived in Brownsville since 1990 and chose to retire here soon thereafter. He owned and edited The Times (the newspaper that provides local news coverage for the Central Linn County area) until it was sold in 2011. Don continues to help out at the newspaper as a volunteer — writing editorials, and as his schedule permits, reporting on local events. He says, "Brownsville is a great community to live in. It is just the right size to really be a part of many of the services and programs here. We contribute to the Brownsville Community Foundation as a way of supporting this community even more.