February 2017 – Minutes


FEBRUARY 2, 2017

Meeting was called to order by Lori at 2:00.

Present were: Don Ware, Lori Garcy, Wendy Parker, Mark Running, Jan Schilling, and Chenoweth Robertson.

The January minutes were read, and it was noted that “pass through” should read “designated grant”. The minutes were approved as corrected.

Don presented the Treasurer’s report.

Mark reported on the Benton Community Foundation. They will send a yearly payment on January 5th of each year, unless we notify them of a change. We decide if we will get the normal payout or something different, and we would need to take action at our December meeting. Our connection with Benton Community Foundation should be mentioned on our website.

Changes to our articles. Lori reported that the name change must be filed with the state to be legal, and there is a $50 filing fee. Our August change must be rescinded and passed again. Don moved and Jan seconded the motion that we rescind our August action. Motion passed. Wendy moved to amend the articles to change the name to Central Linn Community Foundation. Don seconded. Motion passed.

Kathy Rogers brought in a computer that we are not able to use. Vance Parrish did some research for us on possible computers. We will be doing banking and books mostly. Cost should run around $500-$600, plus an additional $70 for Quicken. Jan moved to allow $600-$700 for a computer and programs. Don seconded. Motion passed. Vance is willing to do computer and website work for us. This would be his donation to the foundation. He will take over from Steve Brenner.

2017 budget. We added $700 to miscellaneous. Mark moved to approve the 2017 budget, and Wendy seconded. Motion passed.

Don reported on a meeting that he attended with the Oregon Community Foundation.

Chenoweth said that she planned on putting an article in the Brownsville and Halsey citywide newsletters. The fact that we are accepting grant applications will be included.

The event in May was discussed. It will include grantees, donors, and the community at large. The event will be held May 31st at the Community Center. We will run newspaper articles to invite grantees, donors, and the community. Chenoweth will write an article for the newspaper in April for the May papers. Mark, Wendy and Jan will provide refreshments. Formal invitations will be sent to donors, and potential donors. The Board will get a list of potential donors together. We need to have this information for the April meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 3:05.

Respectfully submitted,

Chenoweth Robertson, Secretary