February 2019 – Minutes

February 7, 2019

Meeting was called to order at 3:30 by Don Ware. Present were Sharon, Don, Kathy, Rella, Norma, Lance, and Chenoweth.

We welcomed Norma Hoover as a new member.

The minutes of the January 3rd meeting were reviewed. It was noted that Keren is moving to Sherwood and not Sheridan. Minutes were approved as corrected.

Don gave the Treasurer’s report. We have $18,551.05 in the bank. He closed the savings account and transferred the money to the checking account. Report was approved.

Kathy reported on the Election Committee selections. Slate of officers for 2019 is: Rella, President; Kathy, Vice President; Don, Treasurer; Chenoweth, Secretary. The slate was accepted and officers were elected. Rella assumed her duties immediately.

Don reported that he had spoken with Jad Lemhouse about joining the Board, and he is not willing. Sharon said she had spoken with Jack Sayer, and he might be willing in the future.

Transfer of funds to Benton Community Foundation was discussed. We are giving out $8,500 in grants this year. Sharon moved and Don seconded that we move $8,000 to the Benton Community Foundation. This will leave $2,051.05 in our checking account to cover expenses.

Logo was discussed. Lance made revisions to letterhead logo. He hasn’t checked on prices for coasters, but thought the cost would be around $200. The Board felt that some changes should be made to the logo on the letterhead. We felt that the QR should go at the bottom, the address should go under the logo, and the logo should be centered across the page. We will be putting the logo on coasters, envelopes, letterhead, bookmarks, and business cards. Decisions will be made at a future meeting regarding how many of each will be needed. We will hold off for now on cups.

Lance and Vance are working on the website.

Kathy will look into pre-paid telephone plans.

Don said that he had spoken with Mike Peterson, the new Manager at GP. He will think about being on the Board. Don also reported that he had spoken with Cascade Pacific, and that they will contact hem in a few months.

The gala will be May 22nd.

Don will information about grants in the Times next week. Information will also be put in the Halsey newsletter, and the Brownsville newsletter. Kathy will ask Linda McCormick to post information on Facebook.

Kathy handed out the grant worksheet that she and Keren came up with for us to use this year in evaluating grant requests.

Next meeting will be March 7th at 3:00.

Meeting adjourned at 4:30.

Respectfully submitted,
Chenoweth Robertson, Secretary