February, 2021 – Minutes

February 18, 2021


Committee Members Present Absent Committee Members Present Absent
Kathy Rogers x Jan Schilling x
Norma Hoover x Don Ware x
Sharon McCoy x Lance Wilson x
Wendy Parker x Chenoweth Robertson x

The meeting was called to order by Kathy at 3:05.

Chenoweth read the minutes of the November 5th meeting. They were accepted as presented.

Wendy gave the Treasurer’s report. She has put the financials on Quicken. We received $625 in January. Don will continue to get the mail and make deposits. She is still having trouble with the KeyBank account. She paid Vance $250 for the website work. We have $13,855 as of January 31st. The report was approved as presented.

Old Business:

2020 donations were reviewed. We received $13,869.47 in donations. Chenoweth moved and Don seconded that we use $6,500 for grants in 2021. After discussion, the motion passed.

2021 grants were discussed. We open the process on March 1st and organizations will have until April 31st to submit applications. Lance will put articles in the newspapers and on social media sites regarding information on applying.

Chenoweth reported that the City of Halsey donated $500 and the City of Brownsville donated $1,000.

Kathy reported that she got a disc for mailing lists and she has started putting a mailing list together for us. She would like a list of potential donors from us to be used in the future.

Don brought up that he has heard comments that our grant application is hard to do. This was discussed and Wendy will work on simplifying the application.

New Business:

The process of setting Wendy up so she can take over all of the Treasurer’s duties was discussed. She needs the following information to give to KeyBank:

– Present at the meeting were: Norma Hoover, Wendy Parker, Kathy Rogers, Jan Schilling, Don Ware, Lance Wilson, and Chenoweth Robertson.
– Account number is ######.
– Who should be removed. Lori Garcy and Jan Schilling should be removed from the account.
– Who should be left on the account. Don Ware and Chenoweth Robertson should be left on.
– Who should be signers on the account. Don Ware, Chenoweth Robertson, and Wendy L. Parker should be signers.
– Full name of person being added is Wendy L. Parker.

It was approved to have Wendy make these changes.

2021 calendar was discussed. Kathy handed out a draft calendar. Grant selection should be changed from April to May. The corporate report for the state should be added to May. Don moved and Wendy 2nd that the calendar be approved as amended.

Possible board members were discussed. Don will contact Danielle Myers, Jeff Davidson, Don Wirth, and Jad Lemhouse to see if they would be interested.

Jan brought up Sharon McCoy’s resignation. Her resignation was accepted.

The next meeting will be March 4th at 3 in the Community Room of City Hall.

Meeting adjourned at 4:05.

Respectfully submitted,
Chenoweth Robertson, secretary