January 2017 – Minutes


JANUARY 5, 2017

Meeting was called to order by Lori at 2:00.

Present were: Don Ware, Mike Smith, Lori Garcy, Wendy Parker, Mark Running, Kathy Rogers, Jan Schilling, and Chenoweth Robertson.

The December minutes were approved as presented.

Budgets were discussed. Lori present the proposed 2017 budget. It was decided to add in $200 for fundraiser, $200 for advertising, $150 for brochure, $80 for accounting, and $20,000 for Benton Community Foundation. Lori will bring back a revised 2017 budget. We need to get a handle on Pay Pal and the Benton Community Foundation fees for 1 year. Don presented the 2016 budget. There needs to be an explanatory report with each month’s treasurer’s report. Don explained that a savings account had been opened by Jennifer in the amount of $10,003.88. Therefore, we actually have an available balance of $33,432.65.

Mark went through the Benton Community Foundation Agreement. We should change the dates. We have no principal office so the address should be deleted. We should use our principal mailing address (P.O. Box 4) instead. In paragraph four Distribution of funds should be requested by January of each year. Mark moved that we sign the agreement with the changes that were made and that we give BCF $20,000 instead of $15,000. Wendy seconded the motion. Motion passed. Lori and Mark will meet with BCF. Jan wanted it noted that Mark should be thanked for all of his work in this effort.

We received $1,000 from Sweet Home Sanitation for a pass through grant to go to a specific student at Central Linn.

The grant application and criteria for this year were gone over and approved. Information will be put on the website.

Calendar information will also be put on the website. In February we should start planning a fundraiser.

Calendar for January:

Meeting adjourned at 3:35.



On Wednesday, January 11, 2017, Lori, Don, and Chenoweth met with Jennifer Meltzer of Key Bank. Lori’s name was added to the list of signers on the account. This action was taken after discussions between Lori, Don, and Chenoweth with the understanding that it would be added to the January minutes for the full board to review.