January, 2023 – Minutes

January 5, 2023


Committee Members Present Absent Committee Members Present Absent
Kathy Rogers x Don Ware x
Norma Hoover x Lance Wilson x
Wendy Parker x Chenoweth Robertson x
Jan Schilling x Mary Canaday x

The meeting was called to order by President Don at 3:00.

The minutes were approved as presented.

Wendy gave the treasurer’s report. We have a balance of $14,538.62, and have exceeded our budget for donations. We did not receive a pass through grant from Sweet Home Sanitation this year. The Benton Community Foundation funds lost $10,000. The report was accepted as presented.

It was decided that the request for donation letters will be sent out in October this year and this will be added to the October calendar.

Chenoweth reported that we will be receiving $1,000 from the City of Brownsville and $500 from the City of Halsey.

It was also decided that we will delay the transfer to BCF until later this year, and that we will give out $8,000 in grants. We will work on the advertising for grants in February.

Mary reported that there have been hits on our Facebook page.

Chenoweth reported that we received the following communications: 1) a Christmas card from the City of Halsey, (2) a thank you note from Don Lyon and Connie Bull, (3) a note from Cyndi Anderson suggesting we change when we send out letters and thanking us for doing a great job, and (4) a thank you from the City of Brownsville for participating in the emergency preparedness event.

Kathy said that her granddaughter is still willing to help us with our Facebook page and our website.

Wendy will ask Vance to change our email on the grant application. It was decided that we would set up a CLCF@gmail account. Three officers will have the password. Dan said that he  will create the account after checking with Vance.

Grant applications will be reviewed in February.

2023 plans were discussed. We discussed having an appreciation event in September, and Mary will chair the event.

Meeting adjourned at 3:45.

Respectfully submitted,
Chenoweth Robertson, Secretary