July 2016 Minutes

BCF Board Meeting Minutes

July 7, 2016, 2016


President Don Ware called the meeting to order at 2:00 pm.

Members present: Don, Lori, Chenoweth, Mark, Kathy, Scott, and Wendy

Members absent: Jennifer, Jan

Minutes: Minutes of the June meeting were approved with corrections

Treasurer’s Report: Treasure not present, no report

Old Business:

  • No presentation of grants was held during Pioneer Picnic. Picnic committee did not have enough time set aside for the grants to be presented. In the future, another time will be slated to do this, possible when we hold a Thank You event for our donors.
  • The draft calendar was reviewed and will be brought back for approval in August.
  • A good discussion took place based on the information Board Members brought to the meeting regarding other community foundations. It was decided after the discussion that we needed to update our bylaws and start developing our policies before we choose a vision statement. Chenoweth and Kathy will do this before the next meeting. Scott will scan the current bylaws so that we have them in a word document.
  • Definition of a Community Foundation was reviewed. Will be brought back for approval at the next meeting and then placed on the web site along with the calendar.
  • Board member duties were discussed and each Board member will list the duties for each position and bring them to the next meeting.


Task Responsible Party(s)
Scan bylaws into the computer Scott
Review bylaws and suggest changes to them Kathy and Chenoweth
Make changes to calendar Lori
List duties of each Board position All Board Members
Bring back ideas for policies the Foundation needs All Board Members


  • There was not enough time to discuss having some type of event that would thank businesses and individuals that have donated to the foundation. Additional discussion will take place at the next meeting.

New Business:

  • A discussion was held to change the name of the Foundation from Brownsville Community Foundation to Central Linn Community Foundation, which more reflects the area that the Foundation covers. This will be brought back at the next meeting for more discussion.
  • There was discussion that the Foundation be the lead, and possible financial depositor, for other non-profits in the area. Lots more discussion needs to take place on this topic.
  • A discussion was held on possible polices the Foundation needed. Some areas discussed were:
    • Grant selection criteria
    • New member selection criteria
    • Process for investing the Foundation funds
    • Fund management and monthly fiscal reports
    • Definition of terms used by the Foundation
    • Types of grants the Foundation will give
    • Where does the money come from – grants, donations bequeaths, other assets
    • Donations that we will accept and not accept
    • Involvement with other non-profits


Meeting was adjourned at approximately 3:10.   August meeting will continue to focus on planning for the BCF future.


Lori Garcy, Recording Secretary BCF