July 6, 2023 – Minutes

July 6, 2023


Committee Members Present Absent Committee Members Present Absent
Kathy Rogers x Don Ware x
Norma Hoover x Lance Wilson x
Wendy Parker x Chenoweth Robertson x
Jan Schilling x Mary Canaday x
Dan Murphy x

Also present was Vance Parrish.

Don called the meeting to order at 3 p.m.

Minutes of the May meeting were approved as presented.

Wendy gave the treasurer’s report. We received $500 from Georgia-Pacific. We have a balance of $10,210.02. The report was approved as presented.

Chenoweth reported that we have not received agreements from all the grantees, and she will contact those who still need to send them in.

Vance asked if the agreement has anything in it about promotions. We maybe should put something in the agreement regarding grantees participating in media releases.

Don brought up by-laws. These will be reviewed at the August meeting.

Since Mary was not present and she has been heading up the September event, it was decided to discuss the event at the next meeting.

Vance will do articles about the 2023 grantees. He will try to get four or five in the paper before the September 29th event.

We need to think about new members.

The next meeting will be August 3rd at 3 at the library.

Respectfully submitted,
Chenoweth Robertson, Secretary