June 2017 – Minutes


June 8, 2017

Present were: Don Ware, Lori Garcy, Mark Running, Kathy Rogers, Wendy Parker, and Chenoweth Robertson. Rella Johnson was present as a guest.

Don moved and Chenoweth seconded that the minutes of the May meeting be accepted as presented. Chenoweth thanked Kathy for doing the minutes for May.

Don gave the treasurer’s report. Wendy moved that the report be accepted, and Chenoweth seconded.

We reviewed our May event that was held to announce the grantees for 2017 and thank our donors. It was felt that the event was outstanding, and that the presentations given by each of the recipients were much better than what was on the applications. It made the different programs much more realistic. It was also felt that the event had a classy feel to it. The music was a welcome addition. It was also decided to do the event again next year on May 30th, and we will ask Jeana to do the music again.

Don reported that all grantee for 2016 have completed their reports.

New board members were discussed. Rella expressed her interest in joining the Board. The duties of Board members were reviewed with her. It was felt that she would be a good fit, and that it would be good to have an additional Halsey representative. Wendy nominated Rella for a position on the Board, and Mark seconded the motion. Motion passed. We will be developing a policy for future Board members.

Lori is working on a new brochure.

Kathy asked about automatic payments for donors. The donors bank can do it, if they have our account number and routing number. Don will get the bank information to potential donors.

Lori asked if we would like to have a historian for the Foundation. She said that Jan has been doing this some in the past. Jan and Kathy will work on this. Our history should also be on the website.

There will be no meeting in July.

Meeting adjourned at 2:50.

Respectfully submitted,
Chenoweth Robertson, secretary