May 2018 – Minutes


MAY 2, 2018

Present were Wendy, Sharon, Kathy, Don, Rella, Kim, Chenoweth and guest, Chris Quaka from Benton Community Foundation.

Meeting was called to order at 2:00.

The minutes of the April meeting were approved as presented.

Don gave the budget report. He reported that we had received $841 from Benton Community Foundation, and we had spent $70 for government fees for the year. The treasurer’s report was accepted as presented.

Our logo was briefly discussed. Kathy will talk to Keren regarding the contest. Central Linn submitted one, which needs to be improved. Further discussion was tabled until our next meeting.

Don reported that not all of the 2018 grantees have gotten their paperwork back to us. They all will be at the “gala” and will be getting pictures to Vance for our brochure.

The “gala” was discussed. Wendy will do the invitations. She will drop them by the library for us to pick up. Jeana Graham will provide music. Don will do the welcome and introduce grantees. Kathy will let people know how to donate. Set up in the Community Room will be at 7 with the event to start at 7:00. Wendy will decorate. Kim will furnish paper products. Don will be in charge of drinks for the event, and the rest of us will provide finger foods.

Fundraising was discussed. Don talked to Dave Brown. Chenoweth reported that she had sent a request to DariMart.

The grant criteria discussion was tabled until later.

Articles for the newspaper were discussed. Jordan Parrish will do one for the “gala”. Keren will do one on the Calapooia Food Alliance and has done one on Meals On Wheels. Kathy will do an article on the Museum grant. Wendy will do the article on Sharing Hands. Rella will cover the Art in the City grant. Don will do one on grant applications and the Gleaners.

Chris Quaka discussed the Benton Community Foundation and their relationship with CLCF. They will be doing a survey regarding their relationship with various entities, including CLCF.