May 2020 – CLCF Awards Grants To 6 Local Non-Profits

Article Provided Courtesy of The Times, Brownsville OR – Written By Vance ParrishThe Central Linn Community Foundation’s Board met on April 7th to discuss grants requested by local community groups that provided valuable services for our community. For those that might not be aware, the foundation’s goal is to “…work to build and strengthen their communities by bringing together people and organizations that want to positively improve lives, solve problems, and create futures by donating money and establishing funds.” The group raises funds from a variety of sources including: donations, bequests and living trusts. Contributed funds are used to grow the foundation, for future grants, and a large sizable portion of each year’s donations are invested back into the community as grants to help local nonprofits, which the foundation feels, “…are at the heart of every strong, vibrant community.”
This year $5900 in grants will be awarded to the following organizations: Sharing Hands Food Bank (funding for food programs)- $2,200; Sharing Hands Parents & Pals (new books & educational toys)- $600; Living Rock Studios (handicapped access improvements) – $1,000; Brownsville Garden Club (for paying someone to water the flower barrels on Main Street)- $600; Meals On Wheels (for their meal site)- $1,000; Central Linn Elementary School Parent Teacher Club (2 new basketball hoops at the elementary school) – $500. This year presented a few challenges to the group from previous years. For one, the total amount budgeted for this year’s grants was down a little from last year’s, which was $8500. It’s not completely clear why donations were down a little but the group hopes, with the help of our community, to have more funds available next year (donations received in 2020 will determine what’s ultimately available). The second challenge involved delays in receiving applications from organizations which were closed and/or under staffed due to COVID-19. The usual deadline for applications is March 31st however to accommodate applicants this deadline was extended to April 30th.
In the following months look for more detailed coverage on each of the funded projects. For this week here are some quotes from Sharing Hands, Executive Director – Debra Gruell, on how these funds will benefit the Sharing Hands Food Bank:
“Without the assistance from our loyal community it would be difficult to help those in need in the Central Linn Community. January, 2020 brought 179 families to the Food Bank and over 16,000 lbs. of food distributed. Triple the number we assisted in 2017.”
“Food availability is getting less and our numbers are higher. Meaning, we need to work diligently to find other avenues to purchase food to keep Sharing Hands Food Bank open. Currently, we are blessed to have strong relationships with a Gleaner’s group, a nearby Safeway, Franz Bakery and on occasions Grocery Outlet, all of which donate items to the Food Bank. Plus, several local Churches, Lions Club, Boy Scouts, and the Brownsville Postal Service which donates canned goods.”
“The requested $2,000.00 is only a small fraction of the funds needed for food. But, this $2,000.00 will make a huge impact on our ability to purchase larger quantities at a reduced rate to fill shelves and freezers,” concluded Gruell’s request.
In several interviews throughout the recent difficulties, Gruell has stated several times, that there are so many who have helped them meet the growing needs. I know she would once again wish to say to ALL who have helped, “Thank You!” The members of the Central Linn Community Foundation are grateful to have been in a position to help as well and they hope you will help them continue to support groups like Sharing Hands Food Bank for years to come. If you would like to donate to the Central Linn Community Foundation you can do so by visiting the donation page on their website: OR by mailing your donation to PO Box 4, Brownsville OR 97327.