November 2017 – Minutes


November 2, 2017

Present were: Lori, Kathy, Rella, Wendy, Don, me and guest Chris Quaka from Benton County Foundation.

Meeting was called to order at 2:02 by Lori.

The October and September minutes were approved.

Don gave the Treasurer’s report. We have received $2,725 in donations. He reported that we received $1,000 from Wastewater Management (Sweet Home Sanitation), which is a pass through to be given to a student. We are having a problem with PayPal, which should be worked out.

Chris Quaka from the Benton Community Foundation gave a presentation. The role of the Board in fundraising was discussed.

  • Connect people’s interests.
  • The Gala that we held was good.
  • Follow up with people who attended.
  • Follow up and follow through.
  • To acquire donors you must engage, ask, steward, and acquire. Don’t forget donors are people.

What are our strengths?

  • Give grants
  • Strong core of leaders
  • List of contacts
  • Likeable/relatable

What are our weaknesses?

  • Growing the Board.
  • Asking for money. We don’t have a fundraiser to organize us.
  • Ask for time, treasure, or talent.


  • Rella suggested putting an article in the Halsey City newsletter.
  • “Grip and Grin”. Meet with three people that we’re interested in getting involved.
  • Send letter. Think of return letter.
  • Keep donors informed.

How do you keep donors engaged and happy?

  • Ask letter
  • Thank you
  • If don’t give at first, send a second letter in a couple of months.
  • Include a save the date for the event in May.
  • At the event in May, if people still haven’t donated, send a letter in June
  • Work list.
  • Plan what’s next as a team.
  • How can BCF benefit us.

Chenoweth reported that we are on the agenda for both the Halsey and Brownsville City Council agendas. Lori and Don will make a presentation to the Chamber.

Chenoweth and Kathy reported on the officers slate for 2018. President, Don Ware; Vice President, Kathy Rogers; Treasurer, Jan Schilling; Secretary, Chenoweth Robertson.

Lori will be resigning from the Board, but hopes to be back in a couple of years. December will be her last meeting.

Possible members were discussed. They are: Sharon McCoy, Kathy Otis, Chris Seale, Gwen Landon, Heather Timmons, and Tina Fitzmorris.

Don will bring a list of donors to the next meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 3:35.

Respectfully submitted,

Chenoweth Robertson, Sec.