November 5, 2020 – Meeting Agenda

CLCF Board Meeting

Date: Thursday November 5, 2020

Call meeting to order at: 3:00pm

Members present:

Members absent:


Approve Minutes: Chenoweth
Treasurer’s Report: Don
Old Business:
1. Report on presentations to assorted councils Group
2. Report on contacts with donors Group
3. Discuss possible new board members Group
4. Review next year’s budget Don
5. Present slate of officers Nom. Committee
New Business:
1. Fund raising letter and mailing list Kathy
2. Possible cancellation of Dec meeting Kathy

Calendar for December:

  • Board Meeting — First Thursday of the Month, location TBA
  • Post agenda and minutes on website
  • Review Benton CF yearly payment, decide whether to take payment
  • Approve next year’s calendar
  • Approve next year’s budget
  • Election of officers