October 2016 Minutes

CLCF Board Meeting Minutes

October 6, 2016

Call meeting to order at: 2:05 pm

Members present: Don, Mark, Wendy, Lori

Members absent: Jan, Chenoweth, Jan

Approve September Minutes: Minutes were approved – 4-0

Treasurer’s Report: The treasures report was reviewed and accepted.

Old Business:

  • Web Site:
    • Members were reminded to send Steve Brenner bios and pictures
    • Don will resend news articles and past grantee information to Steve.,
    • Lori will send Steve the new member application and criteria and grant selection criteria
  • Board Member Duties and Responsibilities:
    • Board reviewed and approved the job duties and responsibilities after making a few changes. 4-0
  • Selection of Nominating Committee
    • Chenoweth, Jan and Kathy were selected to be the nominating committee. Don will let them know. They are to bring back a slate of officers for the Board to approve at the next meeting in November. The voted, 4-0, to include a Vice President. So there are four positions to fill; president, vice president, treasurer and secretary.
  • The Board reviewed the meeting with Paula Grace, Benton Community Foundation, CEO and generated some more questions. Mark will contact Paula and ask her some clarifying questions and possibly set up another meeting.
  • The Board discussed possible new member to the Board. No decision was made.
  • The Board reviewed the list of past donors and brainstormed possible future donors. Don will send a sample donor letter to Wendy.

New Business:

  • Discussion on should CLCF enter into an agreement with BCF to manage CLCF funds took place. It was decided that a decision would be made after Mark talks with Paula and when the whole Board is in attendance.

Calendar for October

  • Board Meeting – First Thursday of month at 2:00 pm, Library Kirk Room
  • Post agenda and minutes on website
  • Personally contact old and possible new donors
  • Send letters to all previous donors thanking them
  • Nominating committee formed

Adjourn: Meeting was adjourned at 2:50 pm