October, 2021 – Minutes

July 1, 2021


Committee Members Present Absent Committee Members Present Absent
Kathy Rogers x Don Ware x
Norma Hoover x Lance Wilson x
Wendy Parker x Chenoweth Robertson x
Jan Schilling x

Also present was Lori Garcy.

The meeting was called to order by Kathy at 3:05.

The minutes of the July meeting were presented. It was noted that Wendy was not present at this meeting. The minutes were accepted as corrected.

Wendy gave the treasurer’s report. She has been in communication with Sweet Home Sanitation regarding their pass through check for the scholarship for Courtney Ross. They sent the check last week, and so far we have not received it. Kathy moved and Don seconded that we pay the scholarship money before we get the funds. Motion passed. The treasurer’s report was accepted.

Don noted that donations are down this year. He has talked to the Chamber of Commerce and Senior Center/American Legion. Chenoweth reported that she has talked to Sue Karo of the Pollyanna’s Club about speaking to them. She will get back with Sue regarding setting up a date and time.

Wendy asked if we were going to send out letters in December. It was felt that it might not be worth the effort. Possibly email if we had email addresses. It was decided that we would send letters to past donors. Chenoweth will do the letters and Kathy will do the address labels. We will stuff at the next meeting.

Kathy talked to Vance. He will set up a sample website to collect money using the Square.

He will send out an email for us to check the sample website and will present information at our next meeting. PayPal updates are connected with web updates. Vance has not been able to do the videos with grant recipients since Lance is not as available as he was in the past.

Brochures have been distributed to several community locations.

Don checked on the possibility of CLCF qualifying for grant applications for non-profits from the city. The grants did not apply to us.

New board members were briefly discussed. Don suggested that Kathleen Swayze might be a possibility. Kathy also mentioned that the new subdivision might be a possible source of new members.

New Business:

Nominating committee was discussed. It was decided to keep the current slate of officers for 2022. Kathy said that 2022 would be her last year as President.

Lori said that she doesn’t feel that she can take us to the next level because of lack of people. So she will not be conducing any more workshops. She would be willing to help in the future.

The next meeting will be Nov. 14 at the Library.

Meeting adjourned at 3:50.

Respectfully submitted,

Chenoweth Robertson, secretary