September, 2020 – Minutes

September 2, 2020


Committee Members Present Absent Committee Members Present Absent
Kathy Rogers x Jan Schilling x
Norma Hoover x Don Ware x
Sharon McCoy x Lance Wilson x
Wendy Parker x Chenoweth Robertson x

Meeting was called to order by Kathy at 3:00. The meeting was held in the pavilion at Pioneer Park.

The minutes of the May meeting and the email decision were accepted as presented.

Don gave the treasurer’s report. We have $6,435.88 in the bank. This includes the $1,000 pass through from Sweet Home Sanitation. We need to raise about another $6,000. Georgia Pacific will donate $1,500 again this year, however, this might decrease in the future. The treasurer’s report was accepted.

The 2019 grants have all given a final report. Don will give final report next month.

The 2020 grants have all been handed out.

Don reported that we have 12 donors so far this year.

Lance reported that the railroad swap meet is possible in the future. Lance is also considering giving an art class at the Art Center with the proceeds going to CLCF.

Brochures have been placed at Brownsville City Hall and the Visitor Center. Wendy will take brochures to Halsey City Hall.

Fundraising was discussed. We should ask the attorney, Danielle Meyers, about having people include us in their wills. She was also mentioned as a possible board member.

Lance will put an article in The Times regarding the brochures.

We will begin meeting on a monthly basis starting in October.

Meeting adjourned at 3:45.

Respectfully submitted,
Chenoweth Robertson, secretary