Volunteers & Staff

Volunteers are the backbone of Sharing Hands programs and donate a total of over 400 hours per month. The Executive Director, Program Director, and the Learning Tree Teachers, all part time, are the only paid staff. The Executive Director and the Program Director have worked together at Sharing Hands for a total of over 35 years.

Sharing Hands is always on the lookout for conscientious, dedicated volunteers. If you are interested, call Sharon Davie at 541-466-3110.

Executive Director
Don Andrews

Program Director
Sharon Davie

Learning Tree Pre-School Teachers
Chandra Evans
Angela McPherson

Parents & Pals Directors
Libby Tenbush
Kori Helget

Christmas Greeters Directors
Karen Edmondson
Day Blake

Peggy Adams
Walt Adams
Day Blake
Devin Blake
Jayden Blake
Joey Blake
Devan Chambers
Tim Dukes
Susan Edens
Karen Edmondson
Kori Helget
Scott Henderson
Marsha Hendrix
Anne Laurance
Marilyn Kropf
Linda McManus
Al Newman
Carolyn Pearce
Mazie Rector
Frankie Ridinger
Chenoweth Robertson
Libby Tenbush
Don Ware
Wannell Ware
Vicki Wing